100 reasons why

100 REASONS WHY giveaway

Thank you for visiting the Quinnen Williams Foundation. To help spread more Christmas joy, Quinnen Williams, of the New York Jets, plans to serve his community by choosing

100 single-parent families to give $500 to, totaling $50,000. Quinnen will personally be reviewing and selecting the families himself. Be sure to review the requirements

below prior to applying. Merry Christmas!


Must live within one of the following Birmingham Metro Area Zip Codes:

35022   Bessemer

35111   McCalla

35020   Bessemer

35228   Midfield

35209   Homewood

35229   Homewood

35064   Fairfield

35061   Birmingham

35228   Midfield

35203   Birmingham

35204   Birmingham

35205   Birmingham

35206   Birmingham

35207   Birmingham

35208   Birmingham

35209   Birmingham

35211   Birmingham

35212   Birmingham

35215   Birmingham

35218   Birmingham

35222   Birmingham

35224   Birmingham

35233   Birmingham

35234   Birmingham

35254   Birmingham

If your address is located within the listed zip codes above, please click the "Apply" button and complete the application. The deadline for submissions is December 16, 2020.

application closed

Terms and Conditions:

1. If your zip code/address is not within the listed zip codes then your application will not be considered.

2. One application per household. Please do not submit multiple applications. 

3. Proof of identity and address will be required if chosen as a winner.